Soaps, Shampoos & Scrubs

Handmade in Edinburgh, Scotland


Where to buy our goods during Lockdown 2021:

The Storehouse, High Street, Penicuik

Why Not?, High St, North Berwick

Can't make it to one of the  shops selling our products? We're happy to deliver, drop-off at a convenient place within the Edinburgh area, or post to you - £3 for up to 2kg, 2nd Class.





If you’ve been alarmed by the effects of our insatiable use of plastic and palm oil and decided to change your buying habits, you may find that it’s not that simple: artisan soaps, while beautiful, can sometimes be just too expensive for everyday use and confined to be given as a gift; and cheap, commercial soap is packaged many times in cellophane or plastic and they contain the ever-present and destructive palm oil.

Scents & Sensibility was created with the aim to encourage more people to use solid soap and shampoo by offering products that are very competitively priced. They may seem slightly more expensive than some commercial, mass produced brands, but they are all handmade with ingredients that are biodegradable. The soap bases have been sourced from a manufacturer that has won many environmental awards; packaging is limited:  the card sleeve can be recycled, the glue holding the card together is made from potato starch and water; and the bags, jars and glass dishes can be washed and reused many times.

You can find our products to buy at:

Maybury's Cards & Gifts, Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh

The Paper Gallery, Clerk St, Edinburgh

The Storehouse, High Street, Penicuik

Why Not?, High St, North Berwick !

Or you can order online by contacting me directly or via the contacts page.

This is a new business and it’s still evolving, so if you don’t see something you want, suggestions, enquiries and comments are very much appreciated!

Please let us know what you think on our customer feedback page.