We all know that soap isn't just for Christmas, so we've come up with some fabulous gift suggestions that can be given throughout the year.

Baskets can be filled with a selection of your favourites - just let us know what you want and when.

Gift Basket

To fill - £2.50

Made with bamboo wicker and wrapped in biodegradable and recyclable cellophane. 

Select which products you want - the overall cost depends on what goes in the basket. So you can add as little or as much as your budget dictates!

Gift Bags

Bags with nailbrush and an oblong soap or your choice of scrub and oval soap.

Travel tins

Oblong - £3; with  soap - £6 

Please note this tin takes an oblong soap which is made slightly smaller to fit the tin.


Soap Dish 

Bamboo Soap Dish and oblong soap - £8

Shampoo tin 

Tin - £2;  with one shampoo - £4


Biodegradable sponge -  £2


Beechwood and sisal nailbrush - £3.50

Candle bags

Made from flame retardant material, these bags are perfect for creating a warm atmosphere whatever the occasion. And they can be used over and over again. Soy wax is clean burning and produces no toxins when burning unlike paraffin based candles.

Large Candle bag with soy tea-light - £4

Small Candle bag with soy tea-light - £2.50

Luxury Wax Melts

UK sourced, handmade 100% natural soy wax. Bag of 6 Flowers/Christmas shapes; 4 Hearts - £2

Peony & Pomegranate, Sweet Pea, Fresh Linen, Freshly Cut Grass, Pomegranate Noir..... or any variation of our scents - just ask!